The Origin Myths and Holy Places in the Old Testament

A Study of Aetiological Narratives

ISBN: 978-1-845-53334-2
Liczba stron: 314
Rok wydania: 2011
Wydania: 1 (London: Equinox Publishing Ltd. / Routhledge)

Łukasz Niesiołowski-Spanò

Director of Institute in Institute of History, Warsaw. Field of interests: religious communities of Antiquity, biblical times, ancient Israel - ethnicity and religions.

'Origin Myths and Holy Places in the Old Testament' examines the biblical narratives which describe the origins of holy places. It argues for the Hellenistic origin or redaction of most of these narratives. Three central questions are addressed: are there common features in biblical accounts about the foundation of places of worship; are there elements in the aetiological stories that reveal the 'real' mythology/rituals of the sanctuary; what were the circumstances of the creation of such narratives?