The Aporia of Freedom

ISBN: 978-90-04-54006-4
Liczba stron: 440
Rok wydania: 2023
Wydania: 1 / TRANSLACJE / Brill / tł. Mikołaj Golubiewski, Jan Burzyński

Michał Roch Kaczmarczyk

(born 1978) is a sociologist and works as an associate professor at the University of Gdansk. His research areas are sociological theory and sociology of law. He published An Introduction into the Theory of Property (2006) honoured by the Polish Academy of Sciences with Ludwik Krzywicki Award, and Civil Disobedience and The Concept of Law (2010). He translated into Polish The Social System by Talcott Parsons and Social Systems by Niklas Luhmann. During his academic career Kaczmarczyk was awarded with fellowships at Max-Weber-Kolleg in Erfurt (2008), Kosciuszko Foundation at State University of New York at Buffalo (2010-2012), Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study in Uppsala (2015-2016), and University of Copenhagen (2018).

The Aporia of Freedom systematizes social theories in a new manner, alternative both to the pluralistic concept, according to which social theories are incommensurable, and to the concept which postulates a theoretical synthesis in social sciences. Kaczmarczyk argues that famous social theories constitute interrelated attempts to solve the same problem, called the aporia of freedom. The problem concerns the relation between existential assumptions of social determinism and human freedom. Although these ideas turn out to be mutually exclusive, they seem to be necessary for the construction of a coherent and empirically convincing social theory.